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What Our Customers Say

". . . We have never been more satisfied with any software developer as we are with C3D. Their knowledge of 3D laser scanning operations and point cloud management far exceeds any other we've encountered."

—Rich Jackson / Vice-President / Leading Edge Land Services

"TopoDOT® provides us with the missing link in converting 3D Laser Scanning data into CAD deliverables. The team of Certainty 3D have managed to outperform all the other major players in the market."

—Bas Kuckelkorn / McMullen Nolan & Partners

"At Maser, we are always searching for a better way to extract features from LiDAR data. We have found that TopoDOT is leading the way in easy to use and flexible tools that work inside MicroStation."

—Paul DiGiacobbe, P.E. / Maser Consulting

"The C3D Team has truly taken advantage of new technologies. The tools allow us to take advantage of the synergy of high precision LiDAR models & Imagery. I can say "This is the right way to do it". The support group is honestly the most responsive & energetic group."

—Jerry Allen / Woolpert