Extract evaluation metrics and assess LiDAR data quality

Extract Metrics

Use TopoDOT® for quality assessment of LiDAR project data. As documented in C3D University's TechNote #1021, requirements on a LiDAR data set can be summarized by just 13 parameters. TopoDOT® offers a comprehensive tool suite designed to easily extract those metrics from the LiDAR data for comparison against requirements.

Evaluate Data Alignment

Use TopoDOT® tools to quickly evaluate the relative alignment of multiple static scan positions and/or mobile system flightlines. TopoDOT® extracts a color-coded surface map with colors indicating the separation distance between overlapping scan data. Areas of excessive misalignment are quickly identified and anomalies resolved prior to extraction of 3D models.

Evaluate Survey Control Alignment

Use TopoDOT® to automatically compare the orientation of the point cloud to survey coordinates, document the differences, and summarize the results in a spreadsheet report. Together, data alignment and survey control alignment establish a traceable lineage from the point cloud to survey control coordinates.

Evaluate Image Alignment

Use TopoDOT® to assess alignment of calibrated image to point cloud data. Well-calibrated images can be employed in TopoDOT® to enhance model extraction. Processing productivity is typically increased about 30%.

Evaluate Random Noise

Use TopoDOT® to evaluate random noise or "fuzziness" of point cloud data. Random noise level determines the minimum size of a feature identifiable within the point cloud.

Evaluate Point Density

Use TopoDOT® to automatically evaluate point density across project area. Point density is another factor in determining the minimum size of a feature identifiable in the point cloud.

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