Manage, organize, and control access to your LiDAR data

Establish Data Requirements

C3D University’s TechNote #1021 presents a concise, efficient and intuitive process for establishing LiDAR project data requirements, incorporating them into a request for proposal (RFP) and assessing the data against those requirements. An overview of LiDAR technology and data uncertainty provides insight into the reasoning behind point cloud and calibrated image data requirements. Suggested text for applying these requirements within the context of a request for proposal (RFP) is given. Methods for assessing the spatial orientation of the data yield a well-documented lineage from the data to network survey control coordinates. Additional methods are presented to assess the fundamental characteristics of point clouds and calibrated images assuring extracted features, measurements and models will meet project requirements.

Layout, Schedule and Estimate

TopoMission™ and TopoPlanner™ are free web applications developed to plan, schedule and estimate cost of terrestrial LiDAR projects. TopoMission™ integrates operational parameters for mobile LiDAR systems with automatic routing to schedule and estimate project acquisition cost. TopoPlanner™ models field performance of static (tripod) systems and estimates layout, schedule and cost of your outdoor project. Use these web apps to develop proposals, communicate with your customer and optimize field performance quickly and easily.

Organize LiDAR Data

After receiving your data, use TopoDOT® to automatically layout a tile scheme across the project area and parse point cloud data files into individual tiles. Select the icon links at the center of tiles to quickly load / unload data over the area of interest. Data is immediately available where and when you need it with no practical restrictions on project size.

Manage LiDAR Data

TopoDOT®'s versatile data management tools provide the user a variety of ways to exploit the LiDAR data structure. Use these tools to load, unload, and view data by tile, file and classification. Color-code points by intensity, red/green/blue color, elevation, deviation, classification, etc.

Data Management, Storage, and Sharing

TopoCloud™ is a low-cost, high performance solution to the challenges of LiDAR data management and storage. TopoCloud™ allows a data administrator to store project data to an FTP server and/or the Amazon Cloud®. Seamlessly integrated within TopoDOT®, TopoCloud™ manages the stored data allowing access across the worldwide TopoDOT® community to specified users. TopoDOT® users can quickly identify and download data for subsequent data processing and model extraction. TopoCloud™ is a TopoDOT® feature available at no extra cost.

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